How I keep my online identity secure

It’s not easy to secure your identity through the internet world. Billions of people are doing different stuffs through the internet for any reason. You may be shocked while you are just reading this article and you get your identity stolen already. Anyway internet identity thieves can hack your data and information stored in your computer in many ways. They can stole everything through your data such as credit cards, bank accounts, shopping cards, online home bills and all data’s that are involved with money transferring. It is better that you have to make your move quick than to be late and regret for it.


As programmers that are paid to make a solution in preventing the crisis the identity thief brought, each time they make software to stop these criminals, but in counterpart every time they get success the identity thief also creates a new way to make the system pass. Securing normally your identity is not well enough for protecting your computer’s privacy data. Usually normal users are confident that they are safe and well protected by their anti-spyware, anti-spamming and anti-adware software, but a hybrid identity thief can pass these programs in a minute.

If you want to keep your online identity secure well enough, you can follow these major ways to solve in securing your identity properly and safely. In registering a domain you have to make sure that the domain name isn’t just a public domain. Public domain can easily be accessed by hackers by their default skills and knowledge. Look for a service that can hide and keep your details as hard like a vault. When searching for a good quality and service program that may help you provide these things you have to learn to Register Private Domains for good security of your online identity. It also advisable for online marketers or businesses to get a VPN  in working or transact online for also it is safe process to avoid identity theft.  Virtual Private Network is a fast way of in moving your online transactions or projects through online. It has the same privacy data security like private domain services offer.

For your online identity security it is better to learn first the basic causes of being a victim with online identity thief. Ask and consult for private domain services advisable above.

I didn’t feel safe online

In this generation every people’s lives are connected through the internet. A lot of people still don’t have the knowledge deeper all over the computer and Internet. People are satisfied and contented on what benefits they receive on what they are doing online. The truth of this statement is that common people who are not really expert and unaware with their Internet online and doesn’t realize that they have been domain hijacked online or domain hacked. Usually a lot of issues are about stealing people’s private site domain proxy, stealing a private domain proxy has lots of uses and advantages from the one who hacked the private domain proxy server.

What do they do with your domain proxy?

Hijacking a domain proxy is the issue of stealing an owner’s site’s domain name. Usually occurs when you are browsing your domain site and when you press enter the result will give you the page like “ Opps ! Google chrome could not find it or Firefox can’t find server”, this is just some of the characteristics that proves your domain proxy privacy seems to be hacked. And on what they do with a domain site is that the hacker is going to access the control panel of the domain’s server and configure the domain’s name to transfer it to another web domain server. Like example of this if someone typed and enter “” in the browser , it does not bring you to  the original mysite domain server but instead it will brought you to a new specific web server which the hijacker set.

Protecting your domain name and proxy

On the other side there are some solutions to defend your domain site. The best main way to get the hijackers away from a web in any day is to get the web server a special domain proxy protection! It is important that you have an elite defender to your domain name so you won’t be worried and afraid every single day and get yourself confident with these hijackers.

Things to remember before starting internet

Before doing stuffs on the internet you must have the knowledge about the circumstances that internet can brought at any way. The important thing to do specially to parents who are plain with internet expertise is to give your children a good education about online safety to avoid this internet issues, crime and abuse. As for the domain hijacking issues you can hire for a programmer to solve your domain’s server issues or just to make things sure and work out better is to get a free domain privacy through online that can absolutely protect your domain proxy server and name including driving down spams and also look for your data’s safety.